One of the best things about having curly hair is that it is perfect for special events, especially date night. Sure, curlies may try for straight or more stretched out locks, but the reality is that curls have more sass, pizzazz and are often the go-to hairstyle for everything from weddings to red carpets.

So, don’t ditch those ringlets when your amour starts ringing the bell. With a few curly hair tips and a little strategic planning based on your hair type, he’ll think you spent hours on what only took 30 minutes!

Wavy Hairstyles

Wavy Hair (Type 2″>

Many people with wavy hair become annoyed with their lack of curl. For special occasions, it can become frustrating constantly blow-drying hair and using a curling iron. In this case, a couple quick tricks may get those perfect curls without the fuss.

Use a sulfate-free shampoo and a leave-conditioner in the shower to seal in moisture. Be sure to comb conditioner through the hair while hair is still wet. Once out of the shower, use a t-shirt to dry your hair. Finally, add mouse or a curling serum to your waves and use your finger to curl and define each strand. Then, hands off! The more you touch and fuss with your waves, the more likely they will frizz.

Curly Hair (Type 3″>

Curly Hairstyles

Curlies with type 3 hair have it a bit easier for those date night curls. Their hair already has the potential for those ringlets, so a simple list of products gets the ball rolling.

If you have type 3 hair, it’s important to follow these curly hair tips. First, the curlier the hair, the more hydration your hair needs. Stick with a leave-in conditioner so there’s less fuss later. Also, make sure your hair is wet before adding mousse. Then, for something new, comb your hair and then towel dry. This way you won’t have those hard, crunchy curls, but your hair will still be frizz-free.

Kinky Hair (Type 4″>

For the curlies out there with type 4 hair, there are a few curly hair tips for perfecting your look on date night.

Quick Tips:

  • If you have type 2 or 3 hair, try using a shampoo specifically for curls, and add a little bit of frizzy serum.
  • If you feel like your hair isn’t curling the way you want or your hair is too dry, wet your hair a little more before adding the mousse.
  • After towel drying, take individual strands and curl them around your fingers.
  • When towel drying, never scrub your hair.
  • If your hair is dripping with a lot of excess water, gently squeeze your hair with the towel. That way, you won’t ruin the integrity of the curls.

Taryn James and Leslie Morrisette take us on their date

For Taryn, date night curls are quite simple: “I just like putting some product in [after showering], but most of the time I don’t care.”night routine.

Although she wears her hair short, she still likes using finishing lotion to enhance her curls for a more polished look.

Leslie Morrisette also begins the same way. She uses shampoo and conditioner as well as anti-frizz serum and hair spray. Her tip to get those date night curls? Leslie says

“Conditioning is important especially for date night,” says Morrisette. “Especially if you want to get close to your date.”

Because too much product can give type 4 hair a greasy feel, you want to use less of it. If hair is well conditioned with a combination of conditioner and leave-in conditioner, though, fewer products are needed to keep type 4 kinks moisturized and fabulous.

Kinky Hairstyles

Style and Accessorize

If your hair is medium to long in length, the perfect date night curls don’t have to stop there. Try lightly styling your hair.

All hair types can try twisting a chunk of hair above each ear to the back of your head and clip it back for a fairy tale look. If you want a more exotic look, pull your hair to one side of your head for a side pony tail or side bun and let some of those gorgeous curls loose to nicely frame your face.

Once you achieve the perfect date night curls, enhance the look with accessories. A combination of curls and accessories can dress up or dress down any outfit. From little clips to large flowers tucked behind the ear, accessories are the perfect compliment to naturally curly tresses.

Samantha Berley

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