We hear it all the time — curly hair rocks! So many people try to get curly hair for all sorts of events, especially the formal ones. So from the straighty’s point of view, our hair is easy peasy to style — heck, it’s already curly so it’s already done!

As holiday season approaches and your party calendar keeps filling up, we know that this is just not the case! Curly hair isn’t always easy to style and often times, it leaves us all yearning for a “different” holiday hair style that we just can’t get our curls to give us.

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This holiday season I’m proposing something more, something crazy that you might not expect! I’m proposing that for that next holiday party, you work WITH your curls, rather than against them. This holiday updo works with your ringlets, shows them off, doesn’t involve a hint of heat styling and is easy, but looks professional!

Don’t take my word for it. Give it a try!

Ringlet Rampage

Be sure that you have tons of bobby pins and a spray bottle of a water and gel mixture on hand before you begin.

  1. Wash, condition and set your curls as usual. For this holiday hair style, you will want them to be completely dry. If you are short on time and air drying is not an option, grab a diffuser and get to drying.
  2. Pull the top section of your hair back and into a high ponytail. Pull up the bottom layer of your hair into a lower ponytail. Make sure that these two ponytails are a good bit apart from one another, but not on separate ends. Do not place the top ponytail on top of your head and the bottom one at the nape. Instead, place them close together, but not on top of each other.
  3. Beginning with the top ponytail, take a curl and begin twisting it around your finger to form a coil or ringlet. Spray the coil with your water and gel mix, then pin in place. Continue this process with the entire top ponytail. It helps if you begin with the bottom layer of the ponytail and work to the top.
  4. Moving to the bottom ponytail, you will follow the same process as with the top ponytail. However, you want to be sure that you place the coils so that the area between the two ponytails is hidden by the coils themselves.

This holiday hair style can take anywhere from thirty minutes to an hour due to the process of coiling every individual curl. However, the end result is a fabulous do that celebrates your natural curls!

You curl girl!

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