As part of our month of Curly Q's, we’re celebrating the brand new facelift to our Q&A section. Q&A is a section of the site where you can pose questions about hair care, transitioning, or styling and get answers from our community. Want to know how to straighten your hair safely? Is your shampoo not giving you the results you wanted? Ask our community about their experience, or, help a curly out and provide an answer.

Watch the Video

Watch our editors explain each new feature:

  1. Ask an Editor

This feature allows you to send your question to one of our editors. Simply click on “Ask,” type in your question, and select one of our editors from the drop down. You can see which editors have your hair type, making it easier to get answers for your specific hair.

  1. Pop a Question

If you feel a question was overlooked, simply click into the question, and click “Pop.” Your question will be moved to the top of the page so more people can see it.

  1. Question Wizard

When creating a question, type your question, hit next, and a list of related questions will pop up. See if the answers address your question before you even publish it!

  1. Upload Feature

Is your question or answer very visual? Upload an image or video to your post so you can provide more context and get better answers. Often, a question is easier to answer if there are pictures of your hair attached.

  1. New Points System

Now you can earn points for being active and answering many questions. As you earn more points, you will receive special recognition out on Q&A and possibly even be a featured guest!

  1. Ask Featured Guests is now bringing in bloggers, Youtubers, and other curly experts to help you with your hair questions. These special guests will be responding to questions directly to the community, so stay tuned to see who we will bring next!

  1. How to use Q&A

In case you need a refresher course, click on “How to Use Q&A.” This link is located on the right hand side underneath our Q&A logo and will show you how to use all the features.

Have fun exploring!