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Many curlies are looking for second and third-day hair detangling solutions, especially for wash and go’s. Unfortunately, that may cause more tangles, but that does not mean you have to forgo your wash and go style. Curlydish inquired about this very problem in Curly Q&A as she’s been battling with frizzy, tangled second and third-day hair. 


I struggle with tangled hair especially on the second and third day. Any ideas? I have very frizzy and tangled hair on 2nd 3rd day even though I finger comb with conditioner when I wash my hair and I also sleep with a pineapple on a satin pillowcase. Any suggestions?


There are steps that can be taken to help keep your hair frizz-free, tangle-free, and fully moisturized on second, third, fourth-day hair.  You may need to switch up your nightly routine, get a trim, or stretch it out, but best believe your frizz and tangles do not have to make for an unhappy curly girl.

It may be time for a trim

Trims are necessary. Old, raggedy ends will tangle and create knots. The only fix is to trim them away. If you are noticing more tangles than usual, it may be your hair’s way of telling you it is time to pull out the shears or head to your favorite stylist. Do not tarry as you do not want to waste time and hairs by letting them tangle and break. Holding onto split, raggedy, damaged ends is not how you retain length, so remove them and allow your healthy hair to thrive.

Pineapples are not the only way to preserve hair at night

Sometimes pineapples are not the way to go for your nighttime routine. Try Bantu knots to tuck the hair away and keep them from rubbing against your linen, other hairs, or clothing. If your hair is in dire need of a trim, those ends will be more susceptible to tangling, so be vigilant on keeping them out of sight until you can either get to those shears or in your stylist’s chair. Tucking those ends away will also help with keeping them from frizzing up too.

Try stretched styles

You may also want to enlist in a roller-set, twists, braids, or straight styles that will stretch the hair and lessen tangles. Stretched hair has fewer tangles, so that may be an option if your ends are great and your hair is just more prone to tangles. Many naturals live by the stretched styles to combat tangles and often will re-twist hair at night to keep the hair in a stretched and/or de-tangled state.

Refresh your hair

I know many think refreshing your hair on day 2, 3, or even 4 after wash day is to moisturize, but it also loosens any knots or tangles that may be trying to form. Using a refresher or your favorite spray bottle concoction may be all you need to moisturize your strands and keep them from creating friction. Many curlies refresh their hair on the second day and beyond, so do not feel you are doing something wrong because your hair does not look like the first day. Whether it is allowing the steam from the shower to moisturize your strands or using your favorite spray bottle concoction, allow your hair to revive itself with a little help and you will see fewer tangles.

Proper sealing

Cleansing and conditioning are essential but not enough to keep the hair moisturized and frizz-free. You need to seal in the moisture with natural oils, so the hair will be less likely to tangle in the days after. You can always seal at night prior to putting your hair in a pineapple or covering it with a satin bonnet or satin scarf for better second, third, and even fourth day hair. No one says you have to seal nightly but give it a try for a few nights, and if you notice a huge difference in the temperament of your hair when it comes to tangles, then it may need to become a regular nightly regimen.

Ok, curlies, do you have a special way you combat tangles and frizz on second and third-day hair?

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