The blogosphere is alive and well for #teamnatural, but with so much going on, it’s easy to miss some of the news stories that are empowering and shaping the growing Texture Revolution. Don’t worry, though, we’re on top of it. We’ve gathered the biggest stories you may have missed or that you need to know TODAY. Share them, spread them and help us keep pushing the texture revolution along.

With more and more women embracing their natural hair and growing tired of having to straighten or “tame” their coils, curls and waves to attain stick straight tresses that are kind of boring anyway, many Black women are opting for curly hair weaves instead of straight. But, is this really a step in the right direction? (“>

This really shouldn’t be shocking given that Beyonce’s star power is out of this world, but the woman had her hair done for labor. Got to look your best for Baby Blue, and all those photographers. (SheKnows“>

The University of California Santa Barbara’s newest student body President is a curly and she is representing #teamnatural the best way she knows how: by hopping into the limelight. (The Bottom Line“>

So this is why they keep going through our hair at the airport…some of us are hiding cocaine in it! (NBC“>

“Annie” is back. Well, almost! An 11-year-old from L.A. stole the show and captured the hearts of producers and will be our new Annie for the comeback of the Broadway play. And, of course, she’s a curly girl. (New York Daily News“>

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