Solange is sick of the natural hair police, and frankly, so am I.

In the spirit of Solange's Twitter posts last Thursday, I'm about to rant a little bit. Solange is sick of the natural hair police and frankly, so am I. Wearing your hair naturally, the way it grows out of your head is supposed to be liberating for us all. As a community of naturally curly folks, we have the opportunity to encourage one another to embrace our natural textures and to rock our curls, twirls, waves and coils however we please. Shouldn't being natural be about being free from the pressures to conform to what other people say is an acceptable way to wear are hair?

I know that it makes many naturals furious, or at the very least a bit annoyed, when someone tries to say a curly should straighten because it looks more…you fill in the blank. So why are we doing this to each other now? Actress Nicole Ari Parker said it well on MSNBC's Melissa Harris-Perry show: "We even judge each other—we were just talking about Solange being very upset on Twitter, but it's because there is still this thing about getting your hair done. Whether it's an afro, whether its twists or braids or relaxers, everybody wants their hair done, so [Solange] — you know, embraces just get up and go, and she's beautiful."

This natural hair movement that's more than a movement has finally given us a new sense of pride about our hair and about ourselves. Why kill that by cutting each other down? At the very least, can't we can agree to disagree about how we want to wear our own hair?

Maybe I'm just being too idealistic, but this is what I think. More importantly, though, what do you think? 


Priscilla Sodeke

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I get tired of people being hateful in general. I checked her tweets on the link provided. Solange wasn't hateful but some of the people who commented were--for Solange and against 'all these naturals' or against Solange's hair choices ('I wish she would come it'). I like this website for the hair care articles (how to wear it curly or straightening tips) but I don't like any of the 'let's stir people up articles'. This is not a vigilante website so why are these 'I hate it when people...' articles on here all the time?

Solange is doing her own thing... Go Solange - Continue to do YOU.

I didn’t know that the “natural hair police’ has become that big of issue, but then again I am automatically biased since I wear my hair naturally so obviously its not going to be directed towards me..duh! (sorry thinking out loud). Regardless 1.The Delivery. I don’t think in general it is tactful or very effective when other people blatantly criticize another for not wearing their hair natural. Like many things in life, if someone feels attacked then they’re going to become defensive and whatever message you are trying to tell me is not going to be well received, if at all. Also, you may view yourself as a person trying to share a nice natural hair care tip/advice to someone that relaxes their hair, but to the relaxer you may come off as uppity. Like, “im better than you cause I wear my hair natural and don’t relax it with all of those chemicals”. Just be weary how and where you say things. 2. Temptation. I understand the temptation. Going from straightening/relaxing hair to then wearing it naturally does feel liberating (at least for me it did) and you want to share this “liberation” with others. In addition, I have come to understand my hair and educate myself about hair even more so than I did when it was straight. So as a result, I start to feel that I, once again, want to share these new found facts and education to others. HOWEVER, it is important to take a step back and look at what your reason for sharing your ideals, routines, etc. of your hair to others. What do you hope to share or achieve by “policing a non-natural”. How do you think the person is going to react to you?...Questions to think about. 3. Hair History. Look at the history of hair in America, particularly black hair. Once you discover what has happened I think one will find that many practices , values, and problems very much exist today. So perhaps the next time a natural thinks about “policing” a non-natural maybe they need (and including myself) to ask why he/she is a non natural in the first place (Vice versa too. This applys to the the wig/weave/relax/straighten folks who want to chew and spit out natural people). Factors including history, community, access, education, and IDEALS, I think often play an important role in a person’s decision to be natural or not. We often don’t know much of anything about each other, but still immediately go straight to JUDGEMENT (dun dun dun!!!) Start to understand one another and then try to speak on your thoughts/ideas. We need to work in hair harmony :) Peace!!

At the end of the day it is whatever works for you and for your circumstances on that particular day.... be it permed, weaved, "wigged", loced, twisted, wash and go, get up and go, flat ironed, dyed, hennaed, etc.... Who am I to tell someone else how to wear/style their hair? Let's just get rid of "hair police" altogether. What works for someone else might not work for me, but it certainly does not entitle me to tear them down for their choices.

When I was relaxed and just "got up and go" and looked a mess, it's called "embracing" as a natural and is beautiful? Someone PLEASE tell me how that works.