Why the natural hair movement is far more than just a trend.

Taking Curly Mainstream

Many women are starting their hair care journey as natural. They are not transitioning from maintaining healthy relaxed hair to healthy natural hair. Learning how to apply a wealth of information about natural hair care is challenging due to a lack of familiarity with their own natural hair. The mere introduction to the plethora of information that is available about hair care may be overwhelming, but it is very helpful in identifying what works for your lifestyle and needs. This growing awareness is spreading so fast that hair care companies are seeking to cater to this new audience that appears to be transitioning from the minority to a majority, especially in consumer consumption.

I say all of this to get to this final point: the day that taking care of your hair in its natural state is no longer a foreign concept will be awesome. You know? When I realize that it’s been a minute since someone asked “why is it that Beyonce’s hair is straight and yours looks like that?” *insert side eye* and thinking in the back of my head “if they only knew.”

As more people come to understand the essence of what is being achieved with this movement, they will begin to realize that women with textured hair are only trying to redefine their different as normal. Everyone who decides to “go natural” is not necessarily doing it with the intentions of making a statement, but inadvertently they are sending a message to the rest of the world. Women are altering and reclaiming their unfamiliar as normal.

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I loved this article! Props and support from this curly white grrl to my 4a, b, & c sisters!