Here at Naturally Curly, we are all about continuing and driving the conversation on all things textured hair, and we realized we haven’t shown anywhere near enough love for our sisters with locs! This is a serious problem, and one we’re actively working on. Today we’d like to introduce you to world-renowned musician, Kris Brooks, who is going to be sharing her loc journey with us.

We were lucky enough to meet Kris coming out of Soho House in New York. Brooks, a longtime NaturallyCurly community member, is a New York-based world-touring professional musician and has worked with such performers as Stevie Wonder, John Legend, and Mary J. Blige, Right now, she’s on her second World Tour with Sam Smith.

Brooks has a passion for educating through music, and considers herself a “music-lifestylist.” Outside of her ventures in music, she has a personal website expressing her passions, which include natural hair! She is on her own personal hair journey, having started locs, which she documents on her YouTube Page. You can find her on all social media realms under ‘The Kris Bliss,’ and can visit her personal website here.

When speaking with Kris about her locs, she stated, “I am a newbie to the loc community, but I believe that is my advantage! A lot of content and videos I find on YouTube are outdated or are of women with mature locs. A big part of the reason why I wanted to document my loc journey on YouTube was to provide visibility of a woman who started from Day 1 and is showing the process/progress/concerns/frustrations from month-to-month. It has been an exciting process thus far, and I am starting to develop a community of loc sisters on YouTube- which is AWESOME!”

“There are so many people who want more info on locs because it’s the least talked about/celebrated style in the natural hair community (in my opinion”>! I get so many questions from women who want to start locs, or have general questions regarding locs, because they are considering them. I also get questions from women who work in corporate America who are concerned about locing because they fear it would disrupt their image in the workplace. Some are worried about the potential negative reaction from friends or family members, and the overall negative connotation surrounding locs. It is also really hard to find mainstream products that work well with loc’d hair, because most of them are suited for loose-natural hair.”

Kris will be reaching out to the NC world every month to go over her loc journey and to answer all of your questions about all things locs. Send her some of your burning desires, and stay tuned for some more loc knowledge!

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