Let's be honest, there's always been a debate, if not a struggle, between straight and curly hair. Some of us prefer to change our natural hair to what is in style. Between the 1980s and the 1990s, loud, proud and curly hair was all the rage.

Now, though, people use straightening irons or a keratin treatments just to achieve the sleek natural look of straight hair. But with all the different chemicals and techniques, not to mention FDA warnings, there's a question as to whether a safe treatment actually exists.

After all, straight hair is not worth risking your health!

New and Ahead of the Curve

Straight & Safe

Luckily, a new generation of hair straightening treatments have come along that are safer and more cost effective than previous keratin treatments. One treatment, known as cysteine Brazilian therapy came out fairly recently in the middle of 2011.

As the name implies, this straightening treatment is also from Brazil, but it is not a keratin straightening treatment. Instead, the treatment uses a naturally occurring, essential amino acid called cysteine to straighten the hair, making it a safer treatment than formaldehyde based straighteners. Cysteine is also more naturally absorbent, eliminating the need for a formaldehyde coating to seal the product in. As a result, this hair straightening treatment doesn't contain any complicated chemical formulas that keratin treatments require.

How It Works

Cysteine & Its Effects

As far as treatment goes, cysteine Brazilian therapy is considered semi-permanent at best. However, several professionals state that treatments containing cysteine instead of keratin can, in fact, last between two and three months minimum.

Overall, cysteine provides a safer options for those looking for straighter tresses. Everyone, from type 3s and 4s to pregnant women, can use this formaldehyde-free hair straightening treatment.

But Is It Cost Effective?

Down to Dollar Signs

The cysteine treatment consists of only three products and steps. For the consumer, this means that it takes a lot less time to have the straightening treatment applied, and costs a lot less.

Instead of a traditional keratin treatment in which you had to head to the salon, it's possible to do the cysteine Brazilian therapy treatment using cysteine yourself. This not only means that you can do it from the comfort of your home, but you don't have to pay for something that contains keratin or formaldehyde, endangering your health.

For the hairstylists, this is a healthy and cost-effective option for you as well! While you are applying the treatment in house, there's no risk of being exposured to dangerous or volatile chemicals found in keratin treatments. With a few simple steps and your expertise, it will take even less time than the average keratin treatment, meaning you can still profit while charging your customers less! Either way, it's a win-win for both parties.

Hard and Fast Take-Aways

  • Although several straightening treatments have proven to be complicated, costly and even toxic, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.
  • Amongst all the hubbub of new treatments, some have come out and blown away the competition based on cost and safety.
  • Do a little bit of searching, and you'll find a newer and safer treatment around every hair salon, or at-home application, corner.

Want More?

Like your curls and straight tresses? Using a flat iron every so often isn't a sin, nor does it have to be boring!