Hair Color Tips for Vibrant Summer Curls

2012-06-04 12:48:33

Hair Color Tips for Vibrant Summer Curls

Create a plan with your stylist to keep your curls and color looking their best this summer.

By: Jennifer Kenny, The Curl Girl 

Jessica Rabbit Red

She’s not just my client, she’s also my close friend. Sometimes I think I know more about her hair than I do my own. When Jess first came to me her hair was a mousy brown that did nothing for her gorgeous face — or curls for that matter. Once we got her curls super healthy and hydrated, she convinced me to take her 3 shades lighter and a beautiful copper red. Jess can go up to 6 weeks between touch ups, with almost no fading — all thanks to her vigilant at home care plan. I touch up her base with a permanent color and refresh her ends with an ammonia free gloss on her ends. We occasionally add a clear gloss like Nicole gets, if I can get her to sit still that long. Sigh.

When developing Jessica’s home routine, she said the words I SO love to hear: “Tell me what to use and what to do and I’ll do it.” She followed my instructions exactly and she has billboard curls that don’t require her to spend a ton of time in my chair. Once a week, she fires up her hard top dryer and applies either Ouidad Deep Treatment or L'Oreal Absolut Repair Mask, covers with a processing cap and plants her butt under there for a good 20 minutes. Every Sunday. No exceptions. She no-poo’s once a week, co-washes daily and adds only Ouidad Moisture Lock with a little OC left in, then pulls her curls back into a loose yet secure bun.

Jessica is a dentist, so she needs her hair out of the way during working hours and likes to give it a good rinse each day. She soaks away the stress of the day in her hot tub and always taking the time to pineapple her curls before entering the water to protect them from the chemicals. She’s a fan of floppy brimmed hats for poolside weekends, and she always follows my “wet sponge theory” before taking a dip. Reds can be the trickiest colors to get just right and can require lots of expensive salon visits due to fading (reds contain the smallest dye molecules, making it easier for them to slip out of the hair). Proper at home care can extend their depth and vibrancy, making a high maintenance situation manageable.

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