Why are people on Twitter bashing Gabby Douglas’ hair?

If there is ever a point in time that the world need put aside daily concerns and cares that diverge us all, the Olympics is that time. Only every four years do we get the chance to watch our fellow citizens go after the medals they have worked their entire lives towards.

Some fail, and we feel their pain and loss. There are tears on the big screen and in the eyes of millions of Americans from sea to shining sea. But some also win, and there is a flicker of hope, a chanting of mantras that reminds us all that anything is possible if you work hard enough.

This is the Olympic spirit, encouraging dreams and bringing people of all backgrounds together in a common string of unity. So why is that people on Twitter are bashing Gabby Douglas’ hair?

From those fans stating that she needs hair intervention to those claiming that her clips and brown gel aren’t doing it for them, Twitter reminds us that the Internet does one thing more than in-person social interaction does: it gives ordinary people platforms.

Sometimes this is a good thing. After all, the natural hair community has greatly benefitted from social media and the Internet, and by relation, so have the many lives of the women who have gone natural. But when it comes to the Olympics and a gold medal winning gymnast (who helped to bring the women’s gymnastic gold back to the U.S. for the first time since 1996, by the way), calling her out on her “get my hair out of my face” choices seems improper.

The woman just spent the vast majority of her life focusing on this single moment. She just finished sweating and performing in the most publicized event in the world. She just won a gold, and all of those people on Twitter are merely just that: on Twitter.

Curlies, I would ask for your opinion, but you’re already sharing it with us. Check out what natural haired women on Facebook are saying about the backlash:

“For too long we have given too much power to HAIR! Give it a rest people!”

“She's not competing to win us over on her hairstyle.”

“In the grand scheme who cares about her hair. This young lady (young being the operative word) is making history. Were there really people focusing on her hair?!?!! I was too mesmerized by her graceful abilities to notice. Besides there was nothing wrong with it!!! #showsomerespect”


“REALLY!? This is exactly the ignorance and stupidity that has only 1 woman of color winning a gold medal (please correct me if I'm wrong) on the gymnastics team for USA. Why aren't they hyped by that fact, this young lady is on some history books status and not concerned about how hair comes across on tv while she's tearing down the international competition. Most importantly she's not being a statistic like so many think that we all are! Priorities people, get them in check! Gabby, is thebomb.com so either get on board with her support train or get ran over, cause she's a movement!”

What’s your stance?

Tracey Wallace

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LET'S JUST STOP TALKING ABOUT THIS !!! All it does is give ignorant, stupid people power that they don't deserve. I can see them in their miserable little dens cackling with glee over seeing their stupid tweets quoted all over the media. With such encouragement they'll never stop, but continue to pollute the world with the incoherent ravings of their tiny little warped minds !!!

It is beyond ridiculous!!!

is she a natural?

I said it on FB and I'll say it again. She just won 2 Olympic gold medals by hurling her body through the air. Having done gymnastics it takes skill, guts, and raw determination to do what she did. I wouldn't care if she was bald or had lime green hair she is a tremendous athlete and a role model for young woman in this country and I am proud of her.

Some people have too much time on their hands! She looks fabulous and she is doing amazing things. You go girl!