“Loving yourself is important every day of the year — Valentine’s Day is no different.”

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Of course, it is the one holiday that is reserved for spending quality time and money to shower that special someone in your life with love, however, this holiday doesn’t have to mean forfeitting your own personal needs and boundaries for the pleasure and satisfaction of another’s. Here is my quick and simple guide to loving yourself, first and foremost, on Valentine’s Day.

1. Take yourself on a spa day.

Self-care is radical, and one way to do it is by preparing for your cute Valentine’s Day date night with a spa day. If I know that an event or special occasion is going to require a ton of output on my behalf, I like to pamper myself hours in advance with things like a facial, a mani-pedi and a massage. Depending on the size of the event — like if it required a bunch of walking around or something strenuous — I will schedule a follow-up appointment for myself days after. Another way to decompress for a full 24 hours before your special day with bae is by taking a day trip somewhere that has a retreat fit for a queen. Hop on the train and go somewhere in the nature; bring a book and visit some local shops. Schedule a fun activity for one or go see a movie, come back home just in time for date night.

2. It’s simple: do something that you love.

A date shouldn’t be one-sided. The fun part of dating, for me, is allowing my partner to get to know the many layers of my personality. Stepping outside of your comfort zone every now and then can be rewarding, but it also pays to stick to an activity with an outcome you are familiar with. As a person living with a chronic illness, it is imperative for me to scan any sort of occasion ahead of time to know where my mental and health boundaries will have to be put into practice. Compromise is a necessity when dating someone, but the right person will also be interested in doing what you want to do, as well.

3. Play dress-up and do good for the community (at the same time”>.

Even though Valentine’s Day is typically meant for a special day between you and your companion, it’s important to remember to show love to your community and the environment. One way to cross multiple boxes off the checklist while preparing for a fun day with bae is by supporting local charities through thrift shopping. Thrifting is one of my personal favorite things to do, because I can have fun playing dress-up with one-of-a-kind or rare fashion pieces while being resourceful and getting to keep some extra cash in my pocket for Valentine’s Day festivities.

Loving and caring for yourself is essential and nourishing to the soul. Read some of my latest essays about these things:

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