The Queen of Curl answers questions about controlling and maintaining volume.

How do I keep volume under control?

Dear Ouidad: I have a hair type that is somewhere between 2c and 3a. I had very long hair until last year, when I cut it short for the first time. It was kind of a haphazard cut (I did it myself in my dorm), but I enjoyed having it short. I'd like to cut it again, about to the nape of my neck, but my hair tends to poof out into a mushroom when I don't have length to weigh it down. Do you have any suggestions for a cut or styling method that will help me keep the volume under control?

A: I suggest, if you can, going to one of my Ouidad Flagship or Certified Salons. Our stylists are highly trained in my Carve and Slice technique. If you are not familiar with it, this haircut is designed specifically to address the special needs of curly hair — to remove the bulk associated with the dreaded "pyramid" look, while preserving and enhancing the natural curl pattern. You also want to keep in mind that when cutting your curls the shortest piece of hair around your face should stretch from the top of your forehead to the chin. This allows enough length to accommodate shrinkage and provide movement around your face.

Dear Ouidad: I have mixed kinky and kinky curly hair and I have been going natural for almost a year now. I just got it cut really short about two weeks ago, and now when I wash it, it curls majorly, but after letting it dry, it's thirsty. I don't know what to use to moisturize it. Any suggestions?

A: I would highly recommend my 12 Minute Deep Treatment at least twice a month, to feed your hair after all the damage it goes through from day to day. It will help with the overall “thirst” you feel your hair is having. I also have a product called Moisture Lock Leave-In Conditioner. This is formulated to hydrate your curls and help seal the cuticle layer to prevent frizz and encourage healthier hair and a healthier scalp.

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