Autumn is near and trendy women are seeking fashionable new curly hairstyles for fall and winter. Many of the hottest hairstyles are virtually carefree, while others may require some taming. It doesn’t matter what look a woman chooses, Prosilk leads the industry with professional hair care products designed to keep hair in the peak of perfection.

Top autumn and winter hairstyles are featuring angles that frame the face, from sassy bobs and bangs to mid-length hair, to create drama and flair. Retro cuts are making a comeback, along with braids that can be worn singly or in multiples. The styles are already being seen on top celebrities walking the red carpet and models on the runway.

Feather Hair Extensions

A top hair accessory for styles of any length are feather hair extensions, first popularized by Aerosmith singer, songwriter and frontman, Steven Tyler. Celebrities from Jennifer Love Hewitt to Hillary Duff are donning feathers from their favorite salon to create unique looks.

Feather hair extensions can be treated just like regular hair and Prosilk products provide gentle cleaning for the fashionable feathers. Radical hair color changes are also being paired with autumn and winter curly hairstyles to compliment client looks and the seasons.


This season’s short curly hairstyles feature layered bobs of varying lengths. They’re practical and represent an easy care style for busy women on the go. Bobs flatter faces of all shapes, while providing a hairstyle that’s equally appropriate in the office or a glamorous night on the town. Women of all ages are adding bangs to their cuts, from short and chic bobs to luxurious long tresses. They’re cropping up as angled, curvy and rounded styles to compliment a variety of looks.

Retro styles run the gamut and are being sported by top celebrities that include Rihanna and Sara Jessica Parker. The bouffant is back, along with teased creations, big hair and pinup curls.

Ponytails & Braids

Those with longer hair can take advantage of the classic ponytail and braided curly hairstyles. Curly braids styles are versatile, offering women a range of styles, from a single braid down the back, or wrapped on top of the head for a sophisticated look reminiscent of the legendary Audrey Hepburn.

Wild Styles

Wild, bold hair is also making an appearance for locks with attitude. Disconnected layers, spikes, uneven pieces and unruly is the order of the day for those with an adventurous spirit, and you curlies! The style can be combined with soft curls, bangs and retro elements, or paired with a punk look for a unique fashion statement.

Fall & Winter Curly Hair Trends

  • Those looking for new curly hairstyles for autumn and winter have a multitude of selections from which to choose.
  • Classic bangs, braids and bouffants are all options and can be combined with sophisticated bobs and bold styles for a unique look. Whether it’s retro and romantic or chic and sophisticated, it’s important to keep these styles looking sleek.
  • Prosilk’s professional hair care and styling products are specially designed to protect and preserve hair, allowing women to change their hairstyle as often as they like.

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