15 Tips for a Slimmer Summer

2012-08-16 15:38:45

15 Tips for a Slimmer Summer

Fight the urge to splurge this summer with these warm-weather fitness and nutrition tips.

  1. Update Your Exercise Playlist. There's nothing like fun summer jams to inspire you during a workout. Warner likes to change her playlist once a week. "It's exciting to listen to new songs," she enthuses. "It can really increase your intensity and keep you engaged."
  2. Eat Fat to Get Thin. According to Warner, foods like avocados, nuts, and seeds are considered good fats and can actually help burn up the bad ones. Ditch creamy dressing in favor of a quarter of an avocado in your lunch sandwich or salad.
  3. Don't Fake It. "If you hate resistance training, don't join a gym that specializes in it," offers Warner. Go online and search for fun workouts in your area, such as Zumba or spinning. "Try out a class that you've always been interested in!"
  4. Eat Light, Eat Right. Pick tinier meals when you grab dinner with friends. "Enjoy smaller, tapas-style portions to keep your taste buds excited and your waistline intact," says Harmon.
  5. Get Your Heart Beating. "The optimal way to train is to get your heart rate going up and down," explains Warner. Try this Treadmill workout: two minutes at a 12.5 incline and 3.5 speed, two minutes at no incline and a 7.0 speed, and one minute of no incline at 3.5 speed. Repeat it all three times for a total cardio workout of 20 minutes.

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