Although many find sharing information to be fun, there are also those who could care less to be the self-assigned spokesperson for the natural hair community. For some who have surpassed the newbie stage, they will be more than relieved to stop answering questions of whether you should pre-poo before you shampoo and ACV after the DC of your TWA *chuckle*

By no means am I saying that you shouldn’t reach back and help others but those who have come down from the excitement of being newly natural are ready for natural hair to just be normal. Do they understand the thirst of curiosity? Of course, but the constant preaching, teaching, and defending is a lesson of patience that many did not prepare for but none the less they must be equipped to do. People will always agree to disagree on hair care and style. Will the masses ever understand? Who knows and ultimately this movements screams “who cares?”

Jill Scott – Blessed

Final Thoughts

Many women are willing to be patient in this normalization process to assure that the upcoming generations will no longer consider wearing their hair natural to be a second class option to relaxers and weaves. It will be normal.

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