A couple of weeks ago, NaturallyCurly, Sherica and I got to brainstorming about what topics we should cover leading up to the big event: The Curly Pool Party on June 2nd at Omni Resort in Orlando (Let the church say WOOT! WOOT!”>! For some reason, I kept seeing Bo Derek slow jogging out of the ocean in the 1979 movie “10”. She was rocking a fresh cornrow ‘do and was serving it to the gods, let me tell ya! Anyway, whenever I think natural summer hairstyles for the pool, beach or hot tub (for the curly dolls like me who don’t do the whole swimming thing. Lol!”>, I think Bo Derek braids.

For me, hairstyles that present the least amount of issue when it comes to tangling and shrinking are key. However, I don’t have the “island lady” expertise needed to cornrow my hair by myself. With that said, I have learned how to make use of other protective styles that work well both in and out of the water.

  • The Pollyanna: This style consists of two French braids on either side of your head. Though the style is a little kiddie and cutesy, it keeps my hair from becoming a tangled, unruly, mess, which is not cute at all.
  • Medium/Mini Twists: I love medium and mini twists in the summer because they afford me the freedom to do just about anything I want with my hair. Not only can I style mini twists several different ways, but I can wear them to the pool, rinse them out, tie ’em with a scarf for an hour to tame frizzies, then style them into an updo for a date! Can we say easy and chic?
  • Plaits: It’s no secret that I hate combing my hair. It’s also no secret that I love braid outs. I have learned a secret from my sister that has both given me a protective style and an awesome braid out. Here’s what I do: I plait my hair (usually dirty hair works best for trips to the beach”>, I pull it into a pony tail so I don’t look like one of the rappers from Bone Thugs-N-Harmony and have fun at the beach! When I return home, I wash my hair in the plaits and apply a leave-in conditioner. I let it dry overnight and the next morning, I have very soft, very defined curls!
  • Afro Puffs: For dolls with hair long enough to pull back, but not long enough to put in braids, twists or cornrows, an afro puff may do the trick. The key is remembering to wash your hair as soon as you return home.

So there you have it! My favorite summer styles for the beach, pool or hot tub!

Enjoy and happy swimming!

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