Texture Tales: Marissa on Discovering Her Naturally Curly and Wavy Hair

“I was so surprised when my hair started having some shape and wave and from there I just wanted to see how curly it would get!”

Texture Tales: Savannah on Her Journey to Loving Her Natural Hair

“I tried to embrace it as much as possible, you have to fight through the damage to get to the beautiful!”

Texture Tales: Karina on Encouraging Others to Love their Natural Hair

“I want everyone who is having trouble loving their hair to first spend some time trying to understand why…”

Texture Tales: Candace Shares Her Tips on How She Repaired Her Heat Damaged Wavy Hair

“Your journey will be different from others’. Take the time to experiment with styling techniques and application methods.”

Texture Tales: Stephanie on How She Learned to Embrace Her Curly Hair with Confidence

“I saw how pretty my natural curls were and at that moment was when I said to myself “No more relaxers!”

Texture Tales: Nicole on How the Curly Girl Method Transformed Her Curls

“The curly girl method is the start of it all! Cutting out sulfates, silicones, and heat has really helped my curls come back to life!”

Texture Tales: Laura on How Her Natural Hair Journey is Rooted in Self-love

“When you’ve discovered the real you, you will be able to invest in yourself and your journey and it’ll reflect on how your hair will flourish.”

Texture Tales: MichelleLoveJones on her Journey to Self Love

“For me it became more than just curls and cute hairstyles but a political statement that I have arrived at most sacred phase of self love.”

Texture Tales: Franciska on How the Curly Girl Method Saved Her Curls

“The most beautiful thing about this journey is that the more you invest in it, the more you will appreciate your results.”

Texture Tales: Gaby Shares Her Tips on How She Achieved Healthy Curly Hair

“Growing up in Puerto Rico, long straight hair was the norm. I don’t have any memory of me wearing my natural hair out as a kid; I absolutely hated my hair. It wasn’t until 2017 that I decided to transition into being natural.”

Texture Tales: Madisen on How She Inspired Her Mom to Embrace her Natural Hair

“It has been beautiful watching her growth and I’m glad my journey gave her the courage to try something new.”

Texture Tales: Shoneez on How Deep Conditioning Was a Game-changer for her Curly Hair

Learn more about her journey to embracing her gorgeous 3b curls and her holy grails that she loves.