The best curly hair gifts for your favorite curlies this Holiday season. 

Curly Hair Gifts for Every Budget that Never Miss

If you’re worried about getting the right gift for the curly in your life I don’t blame you. Most people with naturally curly hair can be particular about what they use and hesitant to try products outside of their routine. Lucky for you, I’ve been gifting curl products for over a decade and filled this curly gift guide with products that never miss.

Here’s a list of essential curly hair gift ideas that work for most hair types and budgets.

25 and under

Curly Hair Gifts for Every Budget that Never Miss

1. Pattern Mist Spray Bottle

Using a continuous mist spray bottle to refresh my curls in the morning completely changed my hair routine. Originally, I used Curly Hair Solutions H2O water bottle, which has been featured on NaturallyCurly’s Editors’ Choice of list for several years. Now there are tons on the market at various prices. I like mixing a little leave-in conditioner to the water for added moisture in the winter.

Curly Hair Gifts for Every Budget that Never Miss

2. Pattern Beauty Edge Control Set

The perfect styling kit for baby hairs and slicked back styles, this edge control set from NaturallyCurly favorite Tracee Ellis Ross Pattern helps you swoop your baby hairs into the perfect shape while protecting the delicate hairs from breakage and damage. Pattern also has a Beauty Hair Tools Kit for the beginner curlies in your life. 

Curly Hair Gifts for Every Budget that Never Miss

3. Beard Balm

For the bearded person in your life, SheaMoisture’s Beard Balm is the perfect gift for anyone learning to groom their facial hair. I gifted this to my dad a few years ago, and to my surprise he has continued to buy and use it today. Shopping for dads is hard, but this beard balm has become a go-to gift. 

50 and under

Curly Hair Gifts for Every Budget that Never Miss

4. JackWinn Pro Hair LumiGloss Clear

JackWinn Pro is my go to brand when I want “just left the salon” hair. The LumiGloss line offers intense hydration, balances porosity and heals the hair to prevent future breakage, while adding brilliant shine and depth without affecting hair color (in clear”>. This is my favorite post-color hair treatment, but it works for non-colored hair too. I use the LumiGloss Smoke to rid my blonde curly hair of brassiness, but I’ve also used the LumiGloss Champagne when I wanted warmer tones in the Winter. JackWinn Pro also offers LumiGloss with color deposits in Brunette, Red, and Honey.

Curly Hair Gifts for Every Budget that Never Miss

5. Briogeo Shampoo and Conditioner Mask Set

This healthy hair power couple revives naturally curly hair starting with the scalp. Perfect for sustainable curly in your life, this shampoo and conditioner combo has ingredients like algae extract, almond oil, and binchotan charcoal to remove buildup and strengthen hair from scalp to ends.

100 and under

Curly Hair Gifts for Every Budget that Never Miss

6. K18 Leave-in Hair Mask

This repair mask is a personal favorite of mine on the list. K18 has become a regular part of my post-bleach routine to make sure my curl pattern bounces back and to prevent breakage. This leave-in mask has a patented peptide technology that works to repair damage from bleach, color, chemical services and heat in just 4 minutes. I’ve been using it for about 6 months in place of Olaplex and there’s a noticeable difference in the amount of strength and bounce to my hair after bleaching.

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Curly Hair Gifts for Every Budget that Never Miss

7. Breahni Product Set

This bundle from Breahni has everything needed to start someone on their curly journey. I received this years ago and tried and loved every product (which is rare for me”>. This product bundle includes 6 products: a hydrating hair refresher, leave-in conditioner, light styling gel, moisture milk, weightless detangler, and healthy hair oil.

Curly Hair Gifts for Every Budget that Never Miss

8. Silk Pillow Case

Give the gift of beauty sleep with a 100% silk pillowcase from Grace Eleyae. Silk pillowcases are a requirement in the natural hair routine to help prevent breakage and to wake up to tangle-free, frizz-free hair. Plus, silk pillowcases double as a skincare regimen by significantly reducing friction and absorbing less face cream than other materials.

Curly Hair Gifts for Every Budget that Never Miss

9. FanmDjanm Bucket Hat

This satin-lined bucket hat from FanmDjanm comes in two sizes, standard and large, each providing a perfect fit without the tension of traditional hats. The large size pairs well with protective styles like locs and jumbo braids (or *whispers* big heads”>, so if other standard bucket hats don’t fit you and your hair- these will. As a part of the zero waste collection, these FanmDjanm hats are the perfect gift for the sustainable curly in your life.


Curly Hair Gifts for Every Budget that Never Miss

10. Amika Blow Out Set

Sometimes curlies like to switch things up. This value set from Amika includes everything you need to blowout your hair while nourishing and protecting it. “Wash, condition, support, prep, style, and refresh all in one swoon-worthy bundle.”

Curly Hair Gifts for Every Budget that Never Miss

11. RevAir Pro

The RevAir Hair Dryer was voted Most Innovative Product for Type 4 Hair in NaturallyCurly’s Best of the Best awards in 2021. It uses less heat than traditional flat irons and blow dryers, and was designed to dry, stretch, smooth, and lengthen all hair types in less than half the time of traditional blow dryer. 

Curly Hair Gifts for Every Budget that Never Miss

12. The Mint by The Richualist

The Mint is an innovative, time-saving styling tool created specifically for textured hair. The bristles help with faster detangling and styling, decrease shrinkage, and distribute your product evenly, which is dispensed through a pod in the Mint. It also gently warms your favorite curl creams or gels to help them better penetrate your hair and increase moisture retention. 

Which curly gift do you have your eye on this holiday season?

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