Hello, 3A curly lady! If you suspect you have type 3A curls but you haven't yet found a doppleganger, that's because most people have several curl types on their head. 3A curls typically have the circumference of sidewalk chalk, but as you'll see from the examples below there is plenty of variation in the density and width of these curls. Some of these heads of hair may look much fuller, or much finer than your hair. If their hair is shorter or longer that can affect the way the curls form as well. 

Whether you’re wondering if you’re truly a 3A or just want some inspo, we’ve compiled a range of photos of women rocking their 3A curls. Do not distress is you don't find a perfect match, the point of this article is to show that there are many ways a 3A can curl.

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1. @mandapanda_xo 

Amanda describes her curls as a mix of Type 2c waves and 3a curls.

Photo Courtesy of @mandapanda_xo

2. @emblu

You can more clearly see the “S” shape in @emblu’s beautiful curls. Some are looser than others.

Photo Courtesy of @emblu, Photography by oxy.to.cin.

3. @havuni

Havilah has a mixture of 3A and tighter 3B curls.

Photo Courtesy of @havuni

4. @evanjosephsalon

Look at this beautiful lady’s curl definition on her short cut by Evan Joseph Salon!

Photo Courtesy of @evanjosephsalon

5. @jannelleoshaughnessy

We love the gorgeous volume here.

Photo Courtesy of @jannelleoshaughnessy

6. @myfrecklesandcurls

The volume, the bangs the COLOR! Plenty to love about Carol's curls.

Photo Courtesy of @myfrecklesandcurls

7. @lynnkatee

Long-haired curlies with thick density should check out Lynn Kate for curl inspo.

Photo Courtesy of @lynnkatee

8. @camilacvieira

Camila flaunts her gorgeous 3A and 3B curls.

Photo Courtesy of @camilacvieira

9. @evanjosephsalon 

Amazing curl definition on this cut by Evan Joseph Salon.

Photo Courtesy of @evanjosephsalon

10. @ayotenderoni

This curl definition is poppin'.

Photo Courtesy of @honestlizhere

11. @sara.lorcajo

Sara uses SheaMoisture Coconut & Hibiscus Milk and Curl Keeper Original to style her curls.

Photo Courtesy of @sara.lorcajo

12. @celmatique

We love that Celeste represents the full spectrum of Type 3 curls from 3a-3c in her hair.

Photo Courtesy of @celmatique


Emma shows us up close how 3A and 3B curls coexist.

Photo Courtesy of @emmatorialeyland

14. @evanjosephsalon

Photo Courtesy of @evanjosephsalon

15. @prf8gold

We love all the different ways this LA stylist dresses up her curls.

Photo Courtesy of @prf8gold

16. @rulosdeacero

Just in case you needed more proof that 3a curls can rock a short cut.

Photo Courtesy of @rulosdeacero

 17. Photo by Deleigh Hermes

Yes, curly hair is absolutely professional. No doubt about it.

18. @kellyshahbazian

Photo Courtesy of @kellyshahbazian

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