Even as early as in high school, there are classes and seminars aimed at educating us on how to approach the world of social networking. From formal interviews to business attire, we all know that there is a certain etiquette that must be followed.

Following that etiquette and presenting yourself in a positive light involves a lot of preparation, from watching how you speak to your composure in general. Because networking is a daily battle, not a one-time only event, everything matters, and it adds up. Luckily those of us with curly hair have a secret weapon to leverage.

The consensus in society is that straight hair looks more professional, but we’re here to prove that that just isn’t the case.

Curly Hair Can Look More Formal

Dress the part and get the offer!

Networking is all about selling your talent. You have to dress the part, look the park and act the part of a professional and savvy businesswoman. It doesn’t matter if you are an artist or the CEO of an international conglomerate — people will always be looking at you to see if you fit the bill.

In this case, curly hair definitely has the advantage. Social networking calls for a more formal look, and many women go out of their way for a sleek look to fit the occasion instead of simply adding or rocking their curls to dress it up. As long as your curls have a beautiful, healthy sheen and no-frizz finish, they will give you that added touch for any networking event.

All you need is an awesome frizz fighting gel and shine spray, which is much easier than the two plus hours straightening would involve.

Curly Hair Enhances A Professional Updo

Formal events make curly hair easier.

Aside from looking formal, curly hair can enhance any plain old hairstyle, including professional hairstyles. Weddings, banquets, and work parties are all really great places to meet people and network, but social networking opportunities like weddings are not just about formal attire or perfect hair. They are also about making something already beautiful look better.

A crown of curls for the bride at her wedding is considered more appealing than stick straight. The same goes for networking guests. If you have an updo like a ponytail, French braid, loose bun or are wearing a headband, curls will only enhance the look. And if you’re lucky enough to have naturally curly hair, you already have the enhancement built in. Just pull out a few strands and let them frame your face. If need be, touch them up with some gel and water and curl them around your finger.

Even though a professional updo is a great idea, it’s okay to be bold when social networking and let your curls loose. Just remember to keep the hair out of your eyes. The eyes are the windows to the soul, and if someone can’t see your eyes and face clearly, they may find you less trustworthy and more likely to be hiding something.

Curly Hair Stands Out!

Curls put you above the crowd.

When it comes to networking, it’s important to be yourself. Social networking is about making connections, conveying confidence at a certain skill set, and being yourself. Time and time again, people act a certain way because they believe it will benefit them more. The reality, however, is that the more you act like yourself, the more comfortable you and your networking comrades will be.

The same goes for curly hair. You can spend hours trying to straighten, or even get a chemical relaxer, but the more you embrace yourself and your look, the more confident you’ll be. Everyone is trying to be that perfectly coiffed woman in the pencil skirt, with slicked back hair, when social networking. This means that if you wear your hair curly, you’ll stand out, and in networking, it’s all about standing out. Bottom line, stand out with those formal-enhancing curls and you just might snag the opportunity of a lifetime.

Professional Networking Wrap-up

  • Curly hair enhances any professional look, as long as it stays out of your eyes.
  • Use frizz control products to keep strands looking professional.
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