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WAVY - Gotta love those waves
First things first: Your wavy hair is beautiful. Give it more love and less frizz with light styling products like mousse and gel. Avoid heavier stylers that weigh your strands down, making them appear straight. Adding volumizing or thickening shampoo will add volume to your wavy hair. NaturallyCurly recommends washing your hair 2 to 3 times a week for maximum health and longer-wearing styles.
celebrities: Emma Stone, Amanda Seyfried, Nicole Richie
High porosity - High porosity can be either an inherent property of hair or the result of damage from chemical processing, rough treatment or environmental damage. High porosity hair has gaps and holes in the cuticle, which let too much moisture into your hair and leave it prone to frizz and tangling in humid weather. Even simple acts such as bathing, swimming and shampooing can create more damage and breakage due to the sheer amount of moisture highly porous hair can absorb. Be sure to use anti-humectants in climates with high heat and humidity. This will help seal your damaged cuticles and prevent them from absorbing excess moisture in the air. Because highly porous hair can also lose moisture easily, it's important to use leave-in conditioners, moisturizers and sealers. Layering these products will help your hair hold on to the moisture you're giving it. You can even follow up with a heavy hair butter to help fill the gaps in your damaged cuticles and further protect your hair from losing too much moisture.
High density - If your hair density is high, choose heavy products such as gels, creams and butters to hold your curls together and reduce volume. Layered hairstyles also work well for hair with high density.
Coarse width - The strands in coarse hair are very wide in circumference, making them the strongest of all hair textures. As a result, it's easy to maintain length with coarse hair since it's more resistant to damage.
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