These days, nobody likes to get set in one certain style, no matter what their plans are. This is where women with wavy hair have power. They have just enough curl to wash and go, but they can easily change up their look. There are many wavy hair styles to choose from, but in order to take full advantage this versatile texture, you only need a few weapons in your arsenal to create any number of styles.

Straightened Tresses

Not always bad!

We know, this is a website about curly hair! But for type 2 women, straightening isn’t a huge no-no. Wavy hair can easily be straightened for a quick change of pace. We aren’t saying that you should straighten everyday, but if your hair gives you versatility, use it girlfriend!

For those that love to change from wavy to straight hair, a blow dryer and round brush can be your best friends. While these work to give a straight style, they are best used on hair that has a fine texture since a straightener can be a little too harsh on these types of waves.

Pumped Up Curls

More volume, the better!

Wavy hair is called wavy for a reason: it isn’t exactly curly! In fact, many wavies wouldn’t even consider their natural texture a true curl, or maybe not even a true wave. Pumping up the textured volume and putting some curl in those waves can enhance the curly look. Also, because wavy hair is textured, it can easily hold a curl pattern. By contrast, our straighter-tressed sisters would lose all shape by noon.

If you love the versatility of  wavy hairstyles, you can also use moose or gel to add fullness and bounce to your hair. For those who really want to add curl, these products work great with a curling iron or rollers. Waves seem to hold curl better, so these styles will look amazing and give you a different look.

Beach Waves

Not always bad!

Perhaps what most wavies appreciate their hair for is the wash and go versatility that being a type 2 offers. We can get up two hours early and straighten or curl our locks, or we can get up 30 minutes early, spray in some sea salt, add some mousse and rock some beach waves all day long.

To get the look, simply t-shirt dry your hair, towels will only cause more frizz, add a light frizz fighting product and some mousse or gel, whichever your prefer. Then, diffuse if you like, but letting the hair air-dry will increase wavy definition and add to the overall beachy look.

Updos for Special Events

Off the neck, but framing the face.

If you are headed out for a night on the town, or if you are attending a gala event, tese wavy hairstyles are both elegant and versatile. Try a simple updo with just a few strands of your waves cascading around your face. This is a classic and glamorous look, not to mention romantic.

Not looking to be romantic or glamorous? Simply style your hair in a ponytail with waves hanging just in front of your ears, for a casual day or evening at home.

Rock the Wavy Hair Power

  • No matter how you look at it, wavy hair styles are versatile, quick and easy.
  • There is nothing more satisfying than looking at a photo of some fabulous waves, curls, or straight 'dos and saying, “Yeah, I can do that!”
  • Enjoy the great wavy locks that you were blessed with, and try out some different styles and cuts.
  • With wavy hair, the world is at your feet and you can have some amazing choices to make.

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